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ESC Region 6 Fall Business Managers Conference Sponsor

As former educational leaders, we understand the school funding challenges. Stop by and see how our streamlined e-payables program can help your school generate much needed revenue from your Accounts Payable spend to help fund the initiatives your students depend on.  

Anti-Harassment Training

You trained them months/years ago-and things have definitely changed.  Don't wait until a complaint has been filed.  Take positive strategic action now to communicate and improve behavior, update policy, and grow a stronger, inclusive,  respectful, and effective corporate culture.   

Do You Know Your Hidden Employment and HR Risks?

Your organization has grown and evolved since it's creation.  Have your HR practices grown and evolved to support your business goals?  Are they compliant with recent regulatory challenges or harbor hidden risks?  Let us help you take a closer look at how a HR Audit can help identify risks, recommend strategic updates to your HR practices, align with your corporate goals, and help reduce your employment and workforce related company risks.  We are part of your Risk Management Team, from the people side.

Are You Ready for an I-9 Audit?

We've helped clients complete training and internal audits of their USCIS Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, in advance of formal government audits, and as part of ongoing compliance strategies.  Don't wait to get the letter from the USCIS-let us help you audit your compliance readiness today and help avoid costly fines and potential criminal penalties.  


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