E-Payables Partner with CPS Payment Services

Generate Revenue from your AP Spend

Streamline your Accounts Payables and Generate Revenue in the process.  

We proudly partner with CPS Payment Services to help you build efficiencies while transforming your AP department from a cost center into a revenue center.   Developed by a team of former Big 4 Accounting Executives, you can feel confident in accountability, security, and your process control.

With Some of the Highest Rebates in the Industry

CPS E-Payables offers high rebates on your AP spend right up front- helping you generate revenue from the bills you would pay anyway- and with no additional cost to your organization.  CPS takes care of the integration and vendor on boarding.  Give them about 10 hours of your team's time over a 10 day period, and they can have your team up and running and creating revenue as fast as that.

Security and Accountability

Using a virtual unique number for each transaction eliminates the need for a tangible card- and greatly reduces your fraud risks.  Built in security and reporting helps you strengthen audit and accountabilities, while building efficiencies.  

Who Else Uses This Process?

CPS E-Payables has helped large and small organizations leverage their AP spend, helping them to generate much appreciated additional revenue. 

Hospitals, Schools, Entertainment Groups, Manufacturing, Municipalities, and Fortune 500 Companies successfully use their services. Frontrunner is a valued partner with CPS for your e-Payables needs in Houston and e-Payables needs in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

We are proud to partner with our Schools as they look for more revenue to support the programs that support student success.  We've recently partnered with the Educational Service Center, Region 6, in Huntsville, Texas and some of their 62 client schools to help them gain much needed revenue from the bills they already pay.   It's a great partnership- helping educational institutions gain revenue and increase efficiencies so they can do what they do best- serve their students.

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We can provide a no-cost projection of your revenue generating potential, walk you through the steps, and help you meet your goals.   Contact us today to see how you can easily earn revenue for your school or company.

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